Neon G

Neon G, Ferry Building - San Francisco, California

Neon G, Ferry Building – San Francisco, California

I love neon signs but I usually associate them with loud and even gaudy displays. Think Las Vegas. But in the elegantly restored Ferry Building in San Francisco, I kept on getting distracted by this glowing red G. Visible yes, but not gaudy. It looks rather trendy, actually, with a designer’s touch.

I shot this in different ways, but ultimately I opted from some telephoto compression courtesy of my Olympus 14-150mm travel zoom lens. This is framed at a 160mm equivalent. Yes, I did bring an Olympus camera, the OM-D E-M5 Mark II. Though all my featured San Francisco photos, up to this point, were with the compact Canon G7X Mark II. It was crowded in the Ferry Building but the long focal length compression makes it look even more packed.

The neon G is from the Gott’s Soft Serve ice cream counter. I never heard of Gott’s but their website shows seven locations in the greater San Francisco area. In addition to the Gott’s soft serve counter, they had a separate restaurant in the same building. That place also had red neon, which spelled EAT.

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