F Trolley

F Trolley - San Francisco, California

F Trolley – San Francisco, California

Talking about telephoto compression, which I mentioned yesterday, here’s a more extreme photo at a 240mm equivalent. You can see how the two trolleys, the background buildings and even the bridge are right on top of each other. By using a long focal length, the spaces between these objects get compressed and you get this stacking effect.

I started out notoriously as a wide-angle urban landscape photographer. Usually working at a 16mm equivalent. Over time, my wide-angles became less wide, losing interest in the extreme wide-angle distortion. But, I rarely venture into to long telephoto photography, though I’ve gotten better about it after experimenting for a while with my Photo Sketchbook. I don’t use that Panasonic Travel zoom anymore but got the Olympus 14-150mm lens instead, for higher quality shooting.

Unlike the old but not old enough BART subway trains, which I didn’t like, these trolleys are wonderful. San Francisco runs many different vintages, especially in the downtown touristy areas.

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