Opposing Leading Lines

Opposing Leading Lines - San Francisco, California

Opposing Leading Lines – San Francisco, California

When I went to San Francisco in December, I brought a tripod. I didn’t use it. With the advances in image stabilization, tripods have become increasingly unnecessary. In reality, though, there’s more to this than improvements in camera technology.

I’m also not using a tripod because I shoot differently. I’m no longer creating HDR (high dynamic range) urban landscapes; a type of photography I started with ten years ago. I’ve moved on since then and so has most everyone else. I guess it’s one of those photographic fads that have passed.

In reality, urban landscapes don’t hold my interest, as they have in the past. And, while I could use the excuse that I was tired from the day’s activities, I no longer felt compelled to go out at night, with a tripod. I don’t feel particularly sad about it. Just a note, more to myself, that we all change.

My interest in black and white photography has only continued to increase, however. And, I no longer feel obliged to make pristine picture perfect images — I prefer that gritty look. It’s more about (hopefully) evoking a mood. Are there others doing this kind of photography? Probably. There’s very little original works these days. However, unlike ten years ago, I’m not actively trying to copy a popular style.

Is what I’m doing now just another fad? A photographic gimmick? Perhaps. It will be interesting to see what I’m doing ten years from now.

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