Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocations

6th Street Visitors with film - Austin, Texas

6th Street Visitors with film – Austin, Texas

I recently came upon a video which I found useful and even illuminating. I know there are differences between hobbies, jobs, careers and vocations but I probably can’t articulate it clearly. And, even if we know the differences in our head, I think in our hearts, we might blend them together. This video from Elizabeth Gilbert is worth a watch.

Photography is not my job. I have a very good corporate job and career which I’m lucky enough that it pays for my household expenses. Is photography my hobby? Yes, but perhaps it’s more now. Back in 2005, when I got my first DSLR and started taking pictures of my kids, it was most definitely a hobby. In 2009, when I expanded to urban landscapes, it was still a hobby.

But now, since I’ve blogged for nine years, have amassed an embarrassing number of cameras, started a newsletter and created a book, what I do has probably grown beyond a hobby. I’m not ambitious enough to say it’s a full-blown vocation, but I’m starting to approach that.

So, what is your hobby? Do you have a vocation? The important takeaway for creatives is that your hobby or vocation does not need to be your job. The two worlds can be separate but coexist nicely. That’s the case with me.

The virtual printing press was running full speed today…

It managed to send out my second newsletter, the May edition, just before writing this blog post. We are off to the races. Signup here if you are interested in getting my monthly thoughts with extras not on the blog.

Talking about camera craziness. I made today’s photo with an inexpensive Nikon Lite Touch film point and shoot. A cheap plastic camera from around 1993, which I picked up inexpensively back in 2015. It has a fixed 28mm f3.5 lens and surprisingly very sharp. It is a joy to use.

Someday, I want to catalog all my cameras, do write-ups on them and feature sample pictures. A lot of work to be sure. I’m adding that to the list of stuff I need to do around my hobby/vocation.

5 thoughts on “Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocations

  1. After signing up for the newsletter for the third time I finally got around to checking my spam/junk mail folder. In my case, at least, the MailChimp subscription confirmation emails have been automatically discarded as spam. Yeah, I’m a little slow to grasp these things. But I bring it up because it means you may have a larger number of people trying to sign up than is apparent. Maybe a mention of this in your next invitation to sign up would be of help.

  2. As a new subscriber to your Newsletter I just received the 2nd edition you mention. Can we get access to the 1st? BTW – Great work.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, John. Glad you like it. I just figured out a way to show previous newsletters. I’ll add these links to my future newsletter editions.

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