Pedicab Tours

Pedicab Tours, SXSW 2019 - Austin, Texas

Pedicab Tours, SXSW 2019 – Austin, Texas

Pedicabs are a fixture in Austin which balloon in number during SXSW. They are not as exotic as Jinrikshas, but have a certain personal touch that you don’t get with other forms of transport. I wonder, however, if they are under threat from the invasion of electric scooters that have descended on the city.

Not all pedicabs are the same. Often, they are personalized by the driver and some drivers even dress up for the distinction. My favorite is a woman in a full Wonder Woman outfit. I’ve seen her a few times but was never close enough to make a good picture.

I hope these pedicabs stay around. They seem more personal than anonymous fleets of scooters controlled by the ubiquitous smartphones, dropped off by money-losing corporations. Plus, photographically, I think they look cooler than people on scooters.

This is the second photo that I featured from my new, very unique camera that I got recently. It’s cool and clunky in equal measure, but I’ve been impressed with the pictures that it makes. I’ll talk about the camera in a few days.

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