Colorful Character

Colorful Character, Eeyore's  Birthday Party - Austin, Texas

Colorful Character, Eeyore’s Birthday Party – Austin, Texas

As I left Eeyore’s Birthday Party this year, I noted that I didn’t make as many portraits. In the past, interesting portraits were a major part of my Eeyore’s photography. Was it because I didn’t concentrate on finding people, and focused on street photography instead, or was it because there were less interesting characters?

As I mentally reviewed that question, this woman magically appeared, waking from the neighborhood where she probably parked her car. I asked and quickly made this portrait. I like this one a lot. Not only for her head to toe technicolor achievement but her matching zany expression. This is what Eeyore’s is about.

You can tell that I amped up the colors on this one. Processed differently from the last couple of color photographs. Though I like black and white, it would be a shame to rob the world of this intense artistic expression.

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