The Potential of Downtown Taylor

A Building with Potential - Taylor, Texas

A Building with Potential – Taylor, Texas

When I was in downtown Taylor two weeks ago, I was happy to see more new businesses. The Texas Beer Company, where I gathered with friends, was still there as well as a few more businesses next doors. Diagonally across 2nd and Main Streets, another building was undergoing renovation.

However, there were still a lot of great old buildings with potential, waiting for a future suitor; this handsome building on 2nd Street, for example. Most are not lavishly ornate, but they have a simple honesty that is miles ahead of the minimal and cheaply constructed modern equivalents.

Lifestyle centers are all the rage now, replacing the monolithic indoor shopping malls. But most of these new simulated downtowns are a pale comparison to the real thing. Wouldn’t it be great if we can restore the energy and vitality to these actual downtowns before entropy takes its toll? Jobs are always a challenge. Perhaps, as online based jobs increase and we can make virtual offices more easily, people can move back to these places.

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