The Joy of a Carry Around Camera: Part 1 – Color

Arizona Landscape

Arizona Landscape

I love the versatility of an interchangeable lens camera but there’s something wonderful about a small point and shoot. Something that you can bring anywhere and shoot (almost) anywhere without attracting attention. I’ve used a number of small compacts, and have more of these humble cameras than the larger, more serious ones with interchangeable lenses. I’m always in search of that perfect carry around camera.

Perfection doesn’t exist, of course. There are always compromises. But, that doesn’t stop me from searching. Most recently, I’ve been using the Canon G7X Mark II quite a bit. A very capable camera and my latest attempt to find perfection.

Today’s photos, however, as well as the photos from the last six days, are from a very different camera. I shot them all back in 2013 with the Olympus XZ-1, a premium compact camera released in 2011. I got a really good deal on a refurbished model and bought it on a lark. I took it everywhere for a while and managed to make some satisfying photographs.

Always having a camera with you allows for unanticipated and enjoyable photography. Unexpected sunset color during a tennis tournament, an over the top restaurant, and colorful Mexican food. They all get recorded for posterity. Some things, like an old America Airlines plane design, are lost forever to history.

Why am I talking about this ancient camera and enthusiastically showing photos from six years ago? I’ll talk about that tomorrow. But for today, here are several more photos, all with outstanding color, I believe. Color that looks great even now and perhaps, arguably even better in some ways.

Polo Tennis Club Sunset - Austin, Texas

Polo Tennis Club Sunset

Las Vegas in Austin - Austin, Texas

Las Vegas in Austin

Taco Cabana Chips - Austin, Texas

Taco Cabana Chips

Taco Plate - Austin, Texas

Taco Plate

Old American - DFW, Texas

Old American

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4 thoughts on “The Joy of a Carry Around Camera: Part 1 – Color

  1. I agree. My old Kodak V1003 is great just to have along and not worry about, even though it’s no fantastic performer. Unfortunately the display is fading on it and I fear I will have to replace it someday. In the meantime new versions of such cameras are becoming scarce as smartphones supercede stand-alone cameras for the ‘amateur market’.

    1. New versions of point and shoots are all but dead. However, there are lot of great used cameras out there and usually for a low price. is a great place to look.

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