Artist Portrait: Sara Trumet

Sara Trumet, WEST 2019 - Austin, Texas

Sara Trumet, WEST 2019 – Austin, Texas

It would seem logical that the artwork reflects the personality, taste, and experience of the artist. And, I would also think that the visual look and outfit of the artist also reflects their personality. So applying the Transitive Axiom in Algebra, would the visual look of the artist be equal (or similar) to their artwork? Yes, I know this is rather a strange way to think about it.

As I looked around the Blue Genie Art Bazaar during this year’s West Austin Studio Tour, I must have unconsciously been thinking about this. When I met Sara, I couldn’t believe how in-synch she was with her artwork. Her look and outfit even blended seamlessly with the color palette of her abstract style. Of course, I needed to make a portrait.

I also got a chance to talk to Sara. And, I realized that talking to artists is a real treat. Is this true of other professions? Does one ask an accountant or software developer about how they got started and their philosophy of life? Perhaps not. Of course, visual artists have the benefit of revealing themselves in their work, out there for people to observe. I’m sure it can also be scary to have part of you on display and to be judged. But that’s what makes interacting with an artist more interesting.

Conversely, I don’t nearly enjoy looking at art in museums. They seem static and separated from their creator. Part of the fun of these shows is to take in the entire experience, the union of the art and the artist as one.

Sara Trumet’s work can be found on her website.

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