Golden Library at Blue Hour

Golden Library at Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

Golden Library at Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

After enjoying and shooting the central library interior in super-wide-angle, I left just in time for peak blue hour. An untimed lucky coincidence. Parts of the exterior can be just as dramatic as the interior. I picked the south-west corner for my blue hour beauty photo.

Shooting a super-wide-angle with the Fuji 10-24mm lens means I can get a composition that I can’t with my other cameras. The 15mm equivalent focal length is the widest I have. The outside is lit by LEDs that rotate through colors. I picked this golden color that contrasts nicely against the deep blue.

My sometimes anal symmetrical tendencies are upset by this composition, but there’s no way to get the giant Library sign in the center. It’s aligned parallel with the building and street instead of diagonal in the corner. Either way, it’s a fairly contemporary exterior though not necessarily attractive. Let’s just say they prioritized the interior.

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