Pathway to the Future

Pathway to the Future - Austin, Texas

Pathway to the Future – Austin, Texas

I often talk about the short blue hour we get in Austin. Despite the name, we only get 10 maybe 15 minutes of the nice blue color before it goes black. Why is blue hour so important? For the urban landscape, with usually warm yellowish man-made lights, the blue sky becomes a beautiful contrasting color. There’s a liveliness to a deep and colorful blue sky that looks so much better than black.

I used the same Fuji 10-24mm lens that I’ve been showcasing recently, but this time at 17.4mm. This gives a 26mm equivalent look, which is about what you see from most smartphones these days. What used to be a wide-angle now looks fairly normal.

What I haven’t mentioned is that the Fujifilm 10-24mm f4 lens has image stabilization. A rather modest one of about 2 stops. Nothing like what I can get with Olympus’ in-body image stabilization. But, some stability is better than nothing. I made this photo at 1/8th of a second, handheld. Even so, at f4, it’s at ISO 2000.

This pathway is part of the nicely landscaped grounds of the central library. Off in the distance is Austin’s newest skyscrapers. While there’s been a lot of construction all over, I think this area around 2nd Street is the nicest part of downtown. The future of Austin with dense high-rises, and equally tall apartments and condos. The newest and most glittering example, however, available only to a select few — it’s really expensive.

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