Skyscraper Glow

Skyscraper Glow - Austin, Texas

Skyscraper Glow – Austin, Texas

It’s not unusual to make these kinds of photos in big cities and there’s now a couple of places in Austin that you can do these kinds of shots. 2nd Street, for example, which currently has the densest collection of taller buildings. You need tall skyscrapers close together to create this effect. Of course, having a super-wide-angle lens certainly helps. This is the Fuji 10-24mm f4, which I’ve been talking about for the last five days.

Using the Fuji 10-24mm’s modest image stabilization allows me to shoot at about 1/8 of a second. I don’t risk going any slower, handheld. While this looks bright, with a nice glow, the reality was a lot dimmer. I shot at ISO 4000 and had to brighten the image quite a bit to make it look good. Even though the Fuji has decent high ISO performance, brightening the image in post revealed a lot of noise. More than I like, in today’s case.

I used Topaz Software’s AI Clear to clean up the noise and add extra sharpness. That’s the same software that I talked about here, which uses AI technologies to do its magic. It does a decent job that extends my envelope of handheld shooting. Using the old-fashioned technique, like using a tripod, still gives better results as you might expect.

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