Light Rays, Trinity University

Light Rays, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Light Rays, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

It’s been exactly 51 weeks since I put gasoline into my car. But there I was, pumping gas at the Costco, getting ready for my trip. I was headed to San Antonio. To Trinity University, where my older son started his junior year.

Around this time, the school has its annual Family Fall Weekend. I took the Friday off and headed down for a couple of days. The event is open to all parents, but it usually attracts freshmen and sophomore parents. The junior year parent representation tends to dwindle. This may be the last time I go unless my younger son decides to follow in his older brother’s footsteps.

As usual, there are non stop events showcasing the best of the school, and probably to convince the parents that they and their kids made the right choice. I’m bought in already. My son loves the school, and he seems to be growing in maturity.

Outside the arts and music building, after a backstage tour of the theater, I saw this. Brilliant rays, a structural tree, and lovely shadows. I whipped out my Fujifilm X-A2 and captured it at a wide 22.5mm equivalent perspective. Something different from my previous Trinity University photos.

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2 thoughts on “Light Rays, Trinity University

  1. Love the contrast of the delicate, translucent leaves with the solidity of the shadowed wall – beautiful! šŸ™‚

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