Neighborhood Restaurant

Neighborhood Restaurant - Singapore

Neighborhood Restaurant – Singapore

As a change of pace from my colorful, futuristic urban landscapes, let’s go to a humble neighborhood restaurant.

I went to lunch with some of my Singaporean co-workers. It was located away from the glitzy and touristy central business district. It struck me as the type of place the locals go to. I let them order all the food. I’m not entirely sure what I ate, but it was all tasty. Various meats, seafood, soups, and noodles.

I like architecture, especially the modern variety, and Singapore is fun for that. But, for food, I’m decidedly non-fussy. I prefer inexpensive local places over the fancy.

Neighborhood Restaurant - Singapore

The prep area was equally simple. However, the food was outstanding. Along with the great company, it was a delightful lunch. I take a camera everywhere. In this case, my compact Canon G7X Mark was perfect.

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