Marina Bay Sands and Museum

Marina Bay Sands and Museum - Singapore

Marina Bay Sands and Museum – Singapore

With the risk of boring you with yet another photograph of the Marina Bay Sands, here’s today’s urban landscape. Like yesterday’s downtown skyline, I’m sporting a nice reflection to add a bit more drama. With a darker scene, the exposure time is double that of yesterday’s, 8 seconds instead of 4 — no problem with a tripod.

This angle really highlights the flower-shaped ArtScience Museum, which anchors the right. In front of the three-tower hotel and to the left of the museum is the glass-enclosed upscale mall. I talked about the Shoppes (here and here) back in late January.

On the very left in red, the first view of the Helix Bridge. That’s a pedestrian bridge that completes that loop around the bay, my next destination, which I’ll post tomorrow.

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