Skyline and Reflections

Skyline and Reflections - Singapore

Skyline and Reflections – Singapore

Here’s another angle on the Singapore Skyline, with many of the same buildings in yesterday’s photograph. I’ve replaced the drama of the leadings lines with the drama of reflections. Obviously, I made it to the other side of the bay.

You can see some of the key sites I’ve highlighted in recent posts. Just click on the photograph to see a larger version on a computer. The impressively large horizontal building just right of center is the Fullerton Hotel. Roughly in the middle of the Fullerton, by the water, you might be able to make out the Merlion. Finally, right of the Fullerton, you see the thin and graceful Esplanade Bridge.

I like the Singapore skyline because of its compact density. While other great cities have tall buildings scattered over a wide area, it’s easy to capture most of the tallest buildings in a single frame. Austin, my home city, is a minor player when it comes to skylines, though it is rapidly growing. Austin, too, has buildings spread over a wide area along the river, and there are many gaps in lower and denser areas. It would be impossible to capture anything like this in my hometown.

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