Downtown Leading Lines

Downtown Leading Lines - Singapore

Downtown Leading Lines – Singapore

I’m back to urban landscapes in Singapore, after a short break. I’m using leading lines to add some additional drama to an already dramatic skyline. I made this photo a short distance away from the Esplanade Bridge, looking the opposite way.

I recently featured the interior and exterior of the grand Fullerton Hotel. You can see it center-right in this photo. It’s a considerable horizontal structure that is a nice counterpoint to the modern and tall skyscrapers.

As you can see, I switched back to using the tripod again from my handheld black and white street photographs. This one is at a comparably fast 2.5-second shutter speed, which is actually hand-holdable with the newest Olympus cameras with 7 stops of image stabilization. With my 5-year-old Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, however, with 5 stops of IS, a tripod is certainly a necessity. Also, to get everything in focus, I set the aperture to a slower f7.1.

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