Esplanade and Bridge

Esplanade and Bridge - Singapore

Esplanade and Bridge – Singapore

After the light show ended, I headed slowly north. My goal? Get to the other side of the bay to make more urban landscapes of the skyline. Except, this area is so packed with urban details that it was slow going. Every angle presented itself with a visual opportunity that I was compelled to capture.

The golden glowing spiky structure on the right is the Esplanade, a performing arts center. There are two large domes, but only one is visible from this angle. The Esplanade Bridge is my path across the Singapore River as I headed north and then east. I was hoping that I could use the gentle curving bridge as a leading line to the domes, but I couldn’t find a suitable composition. Plus, the bridge was choked with people. Even long exposures weren’t enough to eliminate the blurred ghosts of people passing by.

No worries. There were countless other angles to shoot. I was on the move, trying to make as many nighttime urban landscapes that I could in my few remaining hours.

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