MRT Motion Blur #1

MRT Motion Blur #1 - Singapore

MRT Motion Blur #1 – Singapore

As I traveled as a tourist throughout Singapore, I used the MRT, the transit system of the city-state. I did a series of motion blur studies with my Canon G7X Mark II compact camera. Here’s the first of three in this mini-series.

I don’t recall which station this is. Perhaps a viewer from Singapore can tell me. But, I like the impressive parallel set of five escalators that deliver an endless stream of passengers. I have a very limit knowledge of the MRT system, but I know that not all stations are this large. Since this is in a downtown location, however, I’m assuming it’s one of the larger ones.

I snapped six versions of this photo to get a blur pattern that I liked. It’s certainly hit or miss — shot hand-held at 1/5 of a second.

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2 thoughts on “MRT Motion Blur #1

  1. I must’ve ridden up and down these escalators at Dhoby Ghaut station countless times while still living in Singapore (I grew up there but live elsewhere these days). Not once did I ever consider that they’d make for an interesting subject matter. It’s nice to see how visitors perceive what I consider to be highly ordinary. Nicely done!

    1. Hi Ian, thank you for your compliment and thanks also for reminding me which station this is. Yes, I do remember traveling through Dhoby Ghaut a few times. I think all those parallel escalators make for a dramatic photo. I’ve been in many stations on different transit systems throughout the world, but I think this area looks especially neat.

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