Airport Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden, Changi Airport - Singapore

Butterfly Garden, Changi Airport – Singapore

I featured some glitzy stores at the Singapore airport recently, and I’m sure others around the world have them. However, how many airports have a butterfly garden? Yup, Singapore’s Changi Airport has one, and I had to take a look.

I actually found out about this butterfly garden through the movie Crazy Rich Asians, in a throwaway line, about how nice the airport was. I didn’t search hard but saw the sign for it as I headed towards the gate — unquestionably, a quick detour was in order along with a few snaps.

Ironically, after spending three days in Singapore, this was the most “tropical” place I visited. With more time, and with a macro lens, I would’ve attempted closeups of butterflies. On the other hand, I also never shoot macros, so maybe not. You know I prefer architecture and street photography a lot more.

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4 thoughts on “Airport Butterfly Garden

  1. I love the look of this garden. For a few minutes, I imagined this was a room in my home. I have travelled through many airports on the east coast of the USA. They always feel like places where creativity goes to die.

    Imagine how much more pleasant air travel could be if passengers had this friendly space in which to relax while they waited to take a flight aboard a crowded, unpleasant metal tube.

    1. Thank you, Khürt. Many airports look like they were built to a budget. Singapore’s tries to be an experience. A place you want to visit.

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