Drink and Click Sharing

Emily with her Instax Prints - Austin, Texas

Emily with her Instax Prints – Austin, Texas

It’s been a while since I mentioned Drink and Click, the social photography event that I frequent. Today, I’m talking about sharing Instax prints rather than featuring my traditional portraits.

Instax is Fujifilm’s modern take on Polaroid’s instant photography. The prints are smaller than Polaroid, and the mini size I use is about the size of a credit card. While Fuji makes Instax cameras, I like the printers instead since you can send images via Wifi. They work from smartphones, but I prefer transferring pictures directly from my Fujifilm digital cameras.

This portrait of Emily is a little meta. I made her two Instax prints from the Fuji SQ1 and the Fuji X-T10 cameras. Then I took the third picture, also with the SQ1, after her prints developed.

I compared the Fujifilm SQ1 to the Olympus ZX-1 yesterday — two of my frequently used compact cameras. While I prefer the XZ-1 for color, I like how I can print snapshots directly to Instax with my Fuji. Cameras from other brands don’t have this capability. That’s why I say the Fuji XQ1 is the ultimate party snapshot camera.

Instax Danielle
Instax Rashawna

Danielle and Rashawna

Here are Danielle and Rashawna, captured with the SQ1’s super-intelligent flash system. It’s a flash feature many Fuji’s have that nicely blends with the ambient light — you don’t get the deer in the headlights look that is the bane of flash photography. Of course, I made and gave them both their own Instax prints. Since I made these pictures digitally, I can always reprint them, which I did for this post.

This was a particularly fun Drink and Click from back in December. While certainly fun to make portraits, it’s even more delightful to share them on the spot.

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