Fujifilm GFX 50R: Day 2

Evening Color, Mount Bonnell - Austin, Texas

Evening Color, Mount Bonnell – Austin, Texas

What a difference a day makes. The day before, the view from Mount Bonnell was rather dismal, but I rushed out there to test my new camera. The storms passed, and the next day was crystal clear. The overlook was packed with people enjoying the weather and the view. This was back in January when none of us knew about or needed to care about the concept of social distancing.

Day 1 was a trial run. I wasn’t familiar with my Fujifilm GFX 50R, and I didn’t even shoot in RAW. I shot that first picture in JPEG and processed it lightly with my three-year-old copy of Capture One 10 post-processing software.

Day 2, Saturday, and I was prepared. The weather was better, as I explained. I shot in JPEG + RAW. And, I downloaded Capture One 20, the newest version that also supported RAWs from the GFX 50R.

I made handheld pictures every so often as the light changed — sunset was merely a starting point. The colors afterward where what I was after. I was able to do more rigorous post-processing with the RAW files and my new version of Capture One. Things looked a lot more promising than the previous day.

Overall, I finished Day 2, mostly satisfied. The pictures looked colorful viewed on my 27″ screen, though not necessarily earth-shattering. But, it was a start. Yet, there was a nagging concern that I could’ve created this picture on lesser cameras. Was getting the Fuji GFX 50S worth it?

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