Before Social Distancing

A Scene from Mount Bonnell - Austin, Texas

A Scene from Mount Bonnell – Austin, Texas

I made these pictures not long ago in the middle of January. Just three months ago, when the world was very different.

We are back on Mount Bonnell, on the second day of my test of the Fujifilm GFX 50R. I made these candids before making my landscapes and creating this photograph I posted five days ago.

A Scene from Mount Bonnell - Austin, Texas

As I recall, it was a warm Texas winter’s day. People were out in force, enjoying the comfortable weather, the beautiful overlook, and the approaching sunset. A family of four used a large flat rock as a picnic table, enjoying a meal. Others shared wine. People congregated and savored each other’s company. Things that we all took for granted that we can’t do right now.

I went to Mount Bonnell on that day to make landscapes. Everything else, like these photos, was merely a quick test, thinking they didn’t have much value. Oh, how wrong I was. I can make those landscapes anytime. What I miss are the people. They are gone, at least for now.

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12 thoughts on “Before Social Distancing

  1. In that top photo – is there something reflective in front of the back-lit couple, or is that you lifting the shadows after the fact? Looks very natural.

  2. I miss seeing people as well. The photos are really beautiful, I enjoy seeing photography in general it’s a great art form I cannot do it myself but I admire the photographers. I do drawings a lot. Hope you’re doing well.

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