Silhouettes of Friendship

Silhouettes of Friendship - Austin, Texas

Silhouettes of Friendship – Austin, Texas

This is the second of a mini-series I started yesterday from Mount Bonnell. I made these on day 2 of testing my Fujifilm GFX 50R. I remarked yesterday how nice it is to see people outside, enjoying each other’s company. This is from January before we learned of a new term called social distancing.

Today’s is rather colorful and abstract, but you can see the friendly interaction even with the silhouettes. They were taking in the sunset, and I shot south-west towards the setting sun. I could’ve opted to lift the shadows to show more of the people, but I rather liked this simplified representation.

For the last several days, I’ve marveled at the resolution of this medium format camera. Given that it’s 51MP, and with a sharp lens, you get some astounding details if you shoot it properly. However, I’m equally impressed by its color. There’s a native richness to the files, which requires very little post-processing. Here, I did increase the saturation, but not by much.

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