Retro Electric Conversions

Retro Electric Conversions, Fully Charged Live 2020 - Austin, Texas

Retro Electric Conversions, Fully Charged Live 2020 – Austin, Texas

I think most people, including myself, think futuristic and high-tech when imagining electric cars. Or sometimes, weird-looking or unconventional. I suppose that’s an upgrade in public perception ever since Tesla created their sleek and powerful cars. Previous to that, those underpowered electrics got lumped in as glorified golf carts.

However, when I went to the Fully Charged Live show in Austin, I discovered a new class of electric. Classic. Not a historic electric car which I featured yesterday, but a classic looking automobile converted to electric.

These beautiful classics where electrified by Moment Motor Co. in Austin, Texas. I’m not up on all the oldies, but I think the blue car is a Mini, and the red car is a BMW. How glorious to combine the distinctive design of past cars with a modern and clean energy source

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2 thoughts on “Retro Electric Conversions

  1. Sigh. I think driving a Classic Mini without the experience of the clutch and motor would be disappointing. The Mini was more than just about how it looks on the outside. And yes. The red car is a BMW.

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