Full Charged Live 2020 at COTA

COTA, Full Charged Live 2020 - Austin, Texas

COTA, Full Charged Live 2020 – Austin, Texas

The electric car show, Full Charged Live was held at COTA, the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin. This is the race track where they have the Formula One each year, among other events. It’s the only Formula One location in the United States. This is the second time I ever visited, but I’ve never actually seen a race.

I wanted an iconic photo for that event, with some electric cars in the foreground and the COTA tower as a backdrop. Here we have an old Mazda, and even older MG converted to electric, next to a modern Tesla.

The people in the photo were an added bonus. A father and son, and two enthusiasts added a pleasing human element. It was still early days with the Fujifilm GFX 50R when I shot this. I set the aperture at f11, hoping to get everything in focus, which worked. Now, after a few months, I’m really comfortable with the camera. My simple default settings? Shutter speed set to at least 1/125s, auto ISO, f16, and manual focus set at about 16 feet. All I have to do is frame and shoot.

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4 thoughts on “Full Charged Live 2020 at COTA

  1. New to your blog and finding it very interesting and well done. Perfect escape for these times and into the future! Plus you have a great past library to read from! The question has little to do with the blog but i notice in the “electric posts” i”ve looked at no one seems to bother with any part of social distancing? Have i missed something perhaps? Are they from an earlier time? I Hope!

    1. Hi Jim, welcome to the blog and thank you for your interest. Yes, the Full Charged Show was back in February 1st and 2nd, so way before any COVID-19 issues in the U.S.

    2. OK, False Alarm- went back to the first “electric” post and learned the event was held in February! Should have known, its just been one of those days! Perhaps we will look back on these times and refer to them as my daughter does to the time of my youth as The Sepia Days Dad!

      1. No problem, Jim. Thanks again for taking an interest in the blog. I do feature a lot of different subjects. All related to photography in some way.

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