Architectural Alleyway

Architectural Alleyway - Austin, Texas

Architectural Alleyway – Austin, Texas

I made this photo more for its visual appeal, rather than for documentation. That’s one of the reasons that it’s in color. The more salient reason is that I like the mix of textures, color, and patterns.

There’s also an enjoyable variety of architectural styles, not to mention the graphic yellow arrow, which adds much-needed foreground interest. I also used Capture One in post to make sure the buildings are correctly squared, minimizing any distortion. This is straight forward photography, but adding an architecturally oriented Art-ish effect might make it more like a graphic art piece. Perhaps, I’ll explore that in a future post.

Careful visitors might have noticed that this is the same alleyway where I made a Couple Within Architecture which I posted a few days ago. A change in angle and treatment has morphed an architectural, urban landscape into street photography, not to mention the all-important human element.

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6 thoughts on “Architectural Alleyway

    1. I think it depends on what the objectives are. I have two reasons for monochrome.

      1. I want to echo the historical black and white city photos from the past.

      2. I usually pick color or black and white based on which I like better, maximizing the impact of the image.

      1. But … then it’s not really documentary photography. You’re using B&W for aesthetics, not because B&W is the only technology available. You might as well justify shooting old B&W film.

      2. I never said I was doing the particular genre of documentary photography. I said I was documenting downtown Austin. And, I’m documenting the city the way I prefer to, even if I take aesthetics into consideration.

        Next, what’s wrong with doing something for aesthetics? The flat or uninteresting light during mid-day isn’t particularly compelling to me, especially in color.

        Finally, photography is a creative endeavor. And, thus, there aren’t set rules on how a project should be done.

      3. That’s quite alright. I think it’s healthy to challenge assumptions or intentions from time to time.

        We are all doing our little part to add something to the world. Hopefully something positive and worthwhile.

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