Couple within Architecture

Couple within Architecture - Austin, Texas

Couple within Architecture – Austin, Texas

Many of the recent urban landscape photos that I made with the Fujifilm GFX 50R are for documentation purposes. It’s part of my A Change Austin project. They are intended to capture the way Austin is in 2020. They are not necessarily dynamic and don’t feature vivid colors or unusual angles. I consider it a success if they are cleanly framed.

However, there’s no reason why this Fuji can’t be used in a more flexible, freeform way, like a regular camera. Though, a majority of pictures thus far are made locked-down on a tripod. I made today’s hand-held, and it’s part urban architecture and part street photography.

I like the mix of boxy textures — clearly architectural. However, just adding a perfectly-placed couple elevates this beyond pure architectural photography. Street photography doesn’t require people but adding some — even a tiny couple — make it so much better.

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7 thoughts on “Couple within Architecture

  1. Wow! Love the picture. The old brick wall building beside the new modern sleek looking building is a charming contrast. And right in the back ground is a high rise structure with just vertical and horizontal lines … totally different. This picture is very artistic, it needs no colours. Excellent!

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