CAVA on Congress

CAVA on Congress - Austin, Texas

CAVA on Congress – Austin, Texas

With so many black and white city photos posted recently, I thought a splash of color would be nice. Also, certain pictures look better in color.

I captured this at the corner of 6th and Congress, across the street from where I shot this photo. It’s made on a tripod, which allowed for a slow 1/6.7 second shutter speed, which you can see in the motion blur of the couple. Uniquely, the Fuji GFX 50R sometimes has decimal numbers in the denominator of the shutter speed. I’ve never seen that in any of my other cameras.

On my Olympus cameras, because of in-body image stabilization, I can shoot hand-held at these shutter speeds. Not so with this GFX 50R.

I’ve never dined at CAVA, which is a somewhat recent addition here. Their website says they have a healthy, fast-casual Mediterranean fare. They are larger than I thought with restaurants in many states. I think this photo has a commercial feel to it. Perhaps they can use it on their website.

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