Admiring the Mount Bonnell Sunset

Admiring the Mount Bonnell Sunset - Austin, Texas

Admiring the Mount Bonnell Sunset – Austin, Texas

I have one more photo as a followup to yesterday’s post about couples at Mount Bonnell. I wanted to feature this photo separately since it was my favorite from that day.

A few things came together to make this picture a lot more dramatic than my other couples’ photos from yesterday. I like their pose and the fact that I can see part of their faces. Of course, the colorful background really brings it home. The same foreground without the pastel clouds would greatly diminish the impact.

It also goes to show how quickly the color and light changes when it comes to landscapes. I made this photograph only 8 minutes after similar scenes from yesterday. Within that time, the sun had dipped below the hills, which created the spectacular colors.

I also feel that the Fujifilm GFX 50R really helped — with its outstanding dynamic range — allowing me to do extra post-processing to bring out this painterly look. I’m not a post-processing expert, but the rich tools built into Capture One allowed me to create layers to burn the clouds, which pulled out more details. This is in addition to my usual highlight and shadow recovery, curves, contrast, exposure, and saturation changes. I even did some healing layers to remove distracting elements.

This resulting image is ultimately a combination of being there at the right time and doing some fancy post-processing. Unfortunately, just shooting in-camera JPEGs are not going to make this kind of photograph. On the other hand, using multiple skills to create this makes it all the more worthwhile.

Alas, I know this picture isn’t perfect. Given a choice, I would rather not have the guy holding a beer. He would be better positioned behind the woman, perhaps looking off into the distance. However, this is not a staged shot. It’s a candid street photograph, albeit with a lot more color than my usual black and white variety.

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