Bridge to BOK

Bridge to BOK - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bridge to BOK – Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is the last of a three-part mini-series, all with a similar theme. Have you figured out what’s in common? Yes, they are all black and whites and feature architecture. That also describes a lot of the photographs that I post these days. More specifically, all three pictures feature the BOK, Bank of Oklahoma, Tower in some way.

After driving around downtown, which is named the Oil Capital Historic District, we got out for a brief visit. We strolled through a compact park near the Bok Tower to which this bridge connects. It’s an ambitiously developed area, especially for a relatively small city. The BOK Tower and the surrounding structures have a scale that Austin lacks.

I enjoyed the architecture, as you might have guessed. And I could’ve spent more time. But my wife and son were less keen. The absence of people and the general lack of activity turned them off — lively it was not. It seemed like a lonely place, even in the middle of downtown. Granted, it was Sunday evening amid a pandemic. Hopefully, it’s more active under more normal circumstances.

Like many U.S. cities, Tulsa went through ill-planned urban renewal in the ’60s and ’70s. Some of the historic fabric was lost, along with a flight of capital to the suburbs. I found a neat article with pictures of 1968 Tulsa. Those pictures didn’t portray a bustling city, but it looks somewhat livelier than what we experienced.

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3 thoughts on “Bridge to BOK

  1. A nice series and very USA-like: many years ago I took some pictures of NY and other cities with my then new Fuji 645GS and they had some of this flavor. I could not define it precisely, but it is something recent-old or recent-classic, and comes out very neatly in your bw pictures. I really enjoyed this series.

    1. Thank you very much, Andrea, for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the series. The images came out well given the 6-year-old compact camera.

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