Route 66 and The Coney I-Lander

The Coney I-Lander at Dusk - Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Coney I-Lander at Dusk – Tulsa, Oklahoma

After a quick visit to downtown Tulsa, we headed west about 3 miles to the University of Tulsa. It was on the way to our hotel, and we wanted to see what it was like before the official college tour the next morning. What I didn’t realize on my previous visit was the main road in front of the university is on the famous Route 66. Route 66 goes from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, covering 2,448 miles. Oklahoma has the longest stretch of the route of any state.

The Coney I-Lander is a famous local hot dog chain, and we stopped there for a light dinner. Conveniently, there was one across from the university. It was dusk, and I got some fading color as a backdrop to the bright yellow sign.

Dennis and Cathy, The Coney I-Lander - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dennis and Cathy were super friendly and suggested items for first-timers. Hot dogs and Chili Dogs are the recommended fare. They were nice enough to give us samples, assuring us that we would love the food. We bought extras, bought some salad at a supermarket, and had a sumptuous dinner in our hotel room. Between Buc-ee’s lunches and Chili Dog dinners, it was decidedly down-home food. However, given the pandemic and not wanting to eat inside a restaurant, these fast food places seemed prudent.

The Coney I-Lander - Tulsa, Oklahoma

The next day, after the college tour, we did one more stop for hot dogs. Yes, we liked our tasty dinner, and given that this local chain doesn’t exist in Texas, it would be the last time we visit for a while. We picked up a light meal and ate it in the car before our long drive to our next destination. But that’s a discussion for another day.

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