Buc-ee’s Sandwich Makers

Buc-ee's Sandwich Makers - Melissa, Texas

Buc-ee’s Sandwich Makers – Melissa, Texas

I have one more photo from Buc-ee’s, which I talked about yesterday. This was about halfway into the 7+ hour, 460 mile trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It’s not unusual for me to take pictures inside stores, though I feel somewhat self-conscious at times. Buc-ee’s seems different, partially because it’s like a tourist destination. I see other people take pictures there, though with smartphones, of course. Not a dedicated camera like I always use.

The food at Buc-ee’s is surprisingly good. Better than fast food, probably. Though, not to the level of a fancy sit-down restaurant. After all, it is a convenience store and gas station. For some things, I think it can be comparable to a fast-casual restaurant, though with lower prices and not much of a presentation. Most are wrapped in foil or in to-go containers.

In this photo, these folks are preparing the Chopped BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich — a popular option. They have stacks of them so you can grab them to go. For lunch, we were slightly fancier, ordering at their kiosk. Our freshly made order took about 10 minutes. I had a pulled pork burrito with hatch chilies. My wife had a fish taco, and my son had the chicken tenders basket with chili-cheese fries. Not the healthiest options, perhaps, but we were on vacation.

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