Small Town Oklahoma

Tower - Eufaula, Oklahoma

Tower – Eufaula, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the neighboring state north of Texas. Like many states, there is a rivalry, though Texas is the giant state in the area. I suppose some Texans look down on Oklahoma, sort of like New York looks down on New Jersey. I don’t much care. However, there is one downside to Oklahoma. They don’t have any Buc-ee’s, at least for now.

During our road trip from Austin to Tulsa, Oklahoma, we stopped at two Buc-ee’s in Texas. Wanting one more rest stop and a light snack, six hours into our trip, we found a McDonald’s in Eufaula, Oklahoma. I took that picture of that tower from the parking lot.

Downtown - Eufaula, Oklahoma

Downtown – Eufaula, Oklahoma

After more than six hours of driving, my wife took over the reins. While the trip had been on major highways up until this point, we ended up going through a series of small towns. Whatever. We just followed what our smartphone navigation app told us. Lucky for me, I got to make drive-by photos of these towns now that I was a passenger.

If I were traveling alone, with more time, I would’ve stopped for some serious small-town photography. For this trip, however, quick drive-by snapshots would suffice — but not always with the best framing. I used the Canon G1X Mark II, which has a long zoom range. Though it’s a slow camera and not the best for quickly framed shots while driving briskly.

Downtown - Council Hill, Oklahoma

Downtown – Council Hill, Oklahoma

It took some detective work to figure out the towns that I passed through. I didn’t keep records or have GPS coordinates, so I used signs to give me clues. I started with Council Hill and plugged it into Google Maps

Downtown - Boynton, Oklahoma
Downtown - Boynton, Oklahoma

Downtown – Boynton, Oklahoma

Being a nerd, I then used Google Street view to visually find where I made these photographs. I found these two buildings in the small town of Boynton. They were the hardest to find since they lacked any location-identifying signage.

Downtown - Haskell, Oklahoma

Downtown – Haskell, Oklahoma

The last small town was Haskell, clearly identified by the water tower. We drove north on US 64, past Haskell, and arrived in the suburbs of Tulsa. Somehow, we had veered off the major highways for a while, adding some time to our journey. Though, it was worthwhile since we got to see small Oklahoma towns that you would miss traveling on the interstate.

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2 thoughts on “Small Town Oklahoma

  1. Very nice pictures atmtx! You could consider a post or chapter in the newsletter describing your processing of these pictures, I’m sure many readers would appreciate. I surely would.

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Also, thank you for your suggestion.

      I’m almost to embarrassed to say that the processing is pretty easy now, especially using the Kodak T-Max 3200 Preset I found for Capture One. I start with that preset as the base and then I tweak things from there.

      However, it might be worthwhile for me to talk about these extra tweaks I make.

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