Downtown Tulsa

Downtown Skyline - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Downtown Skyline – Tulsa, Oklahoma

We went directly to downtown Tulsa before checking into the hotel. After all, the school is more than just the campus. We wanted to see the heart of the city, which is only 3 1/2 miles from the University of Tulsa.

After leaving Austin mid-morning and stopping three times to eat, we got to Tulsa in the early evening. Just in time for the golden hour where the setting sun casts its warm rays on the skyline.

Tulsa is smaller than Austin. About 400 thousand in the city vs. Austin’s 1 million. The downtown is not booming like Austin either — I didn’t see any buildings under construction, and many of the significant skyscrapers were built many years ago. Tulsa’s growth happened earlier, driven by oil. There are a few giant towers, however — about 100 years old — the likes that you don’t see in Austin.

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6 thoughts on “Downtown Tulsa

  1. It does look older: like some of the older and larger cities in New Jersey – Trenton, Newark, Camden. Jersey City, Hoboken, and New Brunswick are more like the images of Austin you’ve posted; continually being torn down and rebuilt.

    1. I’ve seen some pictures of developments in New Jersey right across from Manhattan, like the cities you mention. I was amazed how tall the buildings are getting. The same seems to be true in Queens and Brooklyn to a lesser extent.

      1. I actually grew up in Flushing and live there 18 years, until I went to College.

        I once explained, to people in Austin, that Flushing is like Blade Runner (the original version) without the flying cars. Downtown Flushing is surprisingly dense with people from around the world.

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