Scenic Interstate 35

Scenic Interstate 35 - Oklahoma

Scenic Interstate 35 – Oklahoma

Interstate 35 is a highway that stretches 1,569 miles from Duluth, Minnesota, to Laredo, Texas, near the Mexican border. It passes through Oklahoma, as you can see here. The highway also goes through Austin.

The notion of a scenic Interstate 35 is laughable in Austin. The highway is a double-decker blight the cuts through the city separating East and West Austin. There are expensive plans to diminish the impact of the roadway. To re-establish the connection between the east-side and west-side of the city.

However, here near the Oklahoma-Texas border, from this overlook, the road looks rather bucolic. I used the Canon G1X Mark II, at the maximum 120mm equivalent zoom, to frame this picture.

We left Tulsa after our university tour, and a quick bite at The Coney I-Lander. We headed west past Oklahoma City and then south on I-35 on the way to our next college destination.

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