Arched Entry

Arched Entry, University of Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Arched Entry, University of Tulsa – Tulsa, Oklahoma

After a night at the Hampton Inn, we went on a guided tour of the University of Tulsa. The visiting group was smaller, and we practiced social distancing with masks. But, the event was similar to the usual ones that I’ve been on. We didn’t visit the cafeteria and the dorms, focusing mainly on the exterior campus.

Like many colleges, the architecture has some gothic influences, though most of the buildings are new. I did find this arched entry at the Holmes Student Center, which is one of their most recent additions. Nothing like arches to get that collegiate feeling.

There is a unified use of light brown stone on most buildings, either as accents or covered entirely. The campus is clean and organized with immaculate landscaping. However, because most of the structures are new, it has yet to develop a patina like many older East Coast schools.

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