The Big Business of Business

Neeley School of Business, TCU - Fort Worth, Texas

Neeley School of Business, TCU – Fort Worth, Texas

As the price of a college education in the U.S. continues to skyrocket, more students are shifting to majors that promise marketability and a job after graduation. Engineering and other STEM majors, pre-professional degrees in business, for example, seem to be increasing in popularity.

My two boys are also following this trend. My older son is a senior at Trinity University and is in the business school. My younger son also seems to be following in the same footsteps. I didn’t convince my kids to go into these areas, by the way, it was their own decision.

TCU is undoubtedly capitalizing on these trends. Their Neeley School of Business has expanded tremendously over the recent years — growing from one building to three. This large tree is in the middle of these three business buildings. Below are closeups of two of them.

During our college tour, the three other families all had their eye on business. We did a special visit to this area — which is not usually part of the tour — and even went inside. As expected, the facilities were gleaming and well-appointed.

How about the study of the basic sciences, humanities, and literature, you ask? I can’t speak to that and how those majors will hold up. But at $60,000 to $75,0000 for private education and nearly $30,000 for a state university, families want perceived value for their money.

At least my son is interested in getting a minor in psychology. Who knows what he will end up majoring in. However, I do believe in taking a well-rounded set of courses, even if he does ultimately pick what is perceived to be a marketable degree.

Neeley School of Business, TCU - Fort Worth, Texas
Neeley School of Business, TCU - Fort Worth, Texas

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