Stockyards Station

Leading Lines, Stockyards Station - Fort Worth, Texas

Leading Lines, Stockyards Station – Fort Worth, Texas

The primary purpose of our mini road trip to Tulsa and Fort Worth was to go look at colleges. However, we did do one touristy activity, which was to visit the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Stockyards is a historic district north of downtown and is the site of a former livestock market which sold and slaughtered cattle, sheep, and hogs.

Now, it’s a touristy place built and marketed on the mystique of the old west. Fort Worth’s marketing slogan is “Where the West Begins.”

During this year of the pandemic, it’s hard to get an accurate impression of what a place is regularly like. The Stockyards Station is a mall selling mostly souvenirs, built out of an old stockyard facility. It was completely dead with only a handful of people. Granted, it was the middle of Tuesday afternoon, which I’m sure is not the busiest time. There were also many vacant storefronts. Was this par for the course here, or was it due to COVID?

For me, old character-filled architecture is always a plus. I immediately gravitated towards the composition of this leading line highlighted by textured brick and a timber-beamed ceiling. Who needs to buy plastic trinkets when I have photography.

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