The Classic Stockyards Sign

Stock Yards Sign - Fort Worth, Texas

Stock Yards Sign – Fort Worth, Texas

No coverage of the Fort Worth Stockyards will be complete without its famous sign, which spans East Exchange Avenue. When I first plugged in the directions for the stockyards, the mapping application took us to Stockyards Station, which is a mall adjacent to the complex. Instead, it’s this sign and the surrounding historic buildings that I wanted to see and photograph.

I think the first picture is the classic postcard view. In fact, the hotel room that we stayed in was decorated with a stylized artwork of similar composition. With the warm brick of the Stockyards Hotel as a backdrop, the sign really pops.

My second photo isn’t terribly exciting, but it documents the neighborhood. Though I do like the proudly waving U.S. flag. There’s a healthy collection of late 19th-century brick buildings that I enjoyed. The mostly unaltered architecture looks more authentic than East 6th Street, which is Austin’s historic district. Both are touristy areas, however, with lots of bars. Fort Worth’s looks less run-down than Austin’s and without the homeless population.

Stock Yards Sign - Fort Worth, Texas

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3 thoughts on “The Classic Stockyards Sign

  1. I like the second image more than the first. It has simmetry (always a good point) and it gives a feeling of the place. Thank you for sharing.

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