Stockyards Architecture

Stockyards Hotel and Pickup Truck - Fort Worth, Texas

Stockyards Hotel and Pickup Truck – Fort Worth, Texas

I wanted to finish up the series with several more photographs from the stockyards. I mentioned yesterday that this is a historic area in Fort Worth, and I enjoyed the rich details in this district. The fine brickwork of the Stockyards Hotel is especially noteworthy.

Even by Texas standards, I recall that day in August was very hot. We didn’t stay there very long, especially since my wife and son do not share my enthusiasm for photography and historic architecture. Yes, if I was there alone, I would have plowed through, making a lot more images. But, this was a family trip, and visiting colleges was our primary purpose. A quick detour through this area was an added bonus.

Making pictures in the mid-day isn’t ideal. Not only because of the hot temperatures, but because of the harsh light. However, I underexposed all of these photos by 2/3 of a stop. I knew I would be able to recover the shadows in post-processing. It was more important not to over-expose and lose unrecoverable details. I’m happy with the way these images turned out.

Faded Signs on Brick - Fort Worth, Texas

Faded Signs on Brick – Fort Worth, Texas

When you look at old photographs of American cities, you notice signs and advertisements painted on buildings. I like how the faded history is still visible on the sides of these brick buildings.

Leddy Boots - Fort Worth, Texas

Leddy Boots – Fort Worth, Texas

I’ve frequently mentioned how I love neon signs. Daytime, I’m sure, isn’t the most dramatic time to shoot Leddy Boots. Note to self to someday return to Fort Worth and make this picture in the evening.

East Exchange Avenue - Fort Worth, Texas

East Exchange Avenue – Fort Worth, Texas

I featured the famous Fort Worth Stock Yards sign yesterday. This is the reverse view looking down East Exchange Avenue.

Fincher's - Fort Worth, Texas

Fincher’s – Fort Worth, Texas

Finally, we have a horse at Fincher’s, a western clothing store. You don’t see stores like this in modern cities or shopping malls. We’ve lost so much character in our streamlined world.

After leaving the stockyards, we were too hot and tired to bother stopping in downtown Fort Worth again. We headed straight down Interstate 35 back home to Austin.

This is the last post, not only from the stockyards but from Fort Worth and my entire college tour series. Remarkably, I made 30 blog posts on a trip that lasted only 3 days. We went from Buc-ee’s convenience stores, through small-town Oklahoma, to downtown Tulsa. We saw two college campuses and parts of Fort Worth — I hope you enjoyed it. It wasn’t the most exciting vacation. But, during this pandemic, it was great to get out and do something, even if it was for only a few days.

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