Giving Thanks

Black's Barbecue Sign - Austin, Texas

Black’s Barbecue Sign – Austin, Texas

2020 has been a historic and challenging year for everyone, no doubt — all the more reason to take stock of the things we have and to be thankful for them. I lost my father in May of this year, and the pandemic prevented me from visiting him in his final weeks. However, because of this, I’m closer to my mom more than ever. I’ve continued to FaceTime her every day ever since. And, as sad it was to lose a loving family member, ultimately, I think it was better for my mom and dad that he passed quickly. Many years of slow decline is difficult for everyone.

Our Thanksgiving observance is different this year. After nearly 20 years of the same families celebrating together, there will be no traditional get together with the centerpiece turkey.

We opted for an atypical — but perhaps more Texan — meal arrangement this year. We went to Black’s Barbecue, my favorite, to pick up an assortment of smoked meats. And, yes, a big helping of turkey too. We weren’t the only ones. Luckily, we ordered early online on Wednesday since they are closed on Thanksgiving Day. By our afternoon curbside pickup, their entire inventory was sold out, and the store was closed to walk-ins.

May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Andy, thanks for sharing, again, about your dad. That Polaroid image is priceless! I so remember those days.

    And, thanks for the mention of Black’s BBQ. One of these days, I’ll come visit Carl & Carolyn, and we’ll all meet up there for lunch. Something to look forward to!

    Be well, as Carl says,
    – Chris

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