Unexpected Pre-Camping Experience

Campfire - Austin, Texas

Campfire – Austin, Texas

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. As I mentioned yesterday, we didn’t have our usual Thanksgiving meal. Opting to get some tasty barbecue instead, and having a family-only gathering at home. Except, there was a last-minute change.

Our friends were able to secure a campsite at a state park. A subset of our usual Thanksgiving gang met yesterday for several hours of outdoor togetherness. Following the rules, we made sure we had less than 10 people, and we generally stayed distanced from each other.

The place was a full campsite, so other groups brought tents or giant RVs. Our group came in cars and just planned to have a meal cooked out on the open flame. The primal instinct kicked in, and most of the guys tended the fire and cooked the chicken fajitas and vegetables. None of us are what you call experienced campers. Even so, we were pretty proud of the fire we made. After the wood burned down, and with optimal heat, we grilled the chicken to perfection.

I’m not what you call an outdoor person. I famously said, I’ve never camped, rode a horse, or shot a gun in my life. It’s amazing Texas ever let me into their borders. Last night was my first pre-camping experience. Though we didn’t stay overnight, leaving around 10pm, I got to see what these places look like.

I’m not ready to go camping just yet. But, getting together safely and cooking over a fire was — admittedly — more fun than expected. Of course, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees with no bugs. That’s not usually the case in Texas. By the way, we still ate our barbecue for lunch yesterday, and we had tasty leftovers for today. All in all, it was an atypical but enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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