Three Views of Red Steagall

Red Steagall Statue - Fort Worth, Texas

Red Steagall Statue – Fort Worth, Texas

I don’t know who Red Steagall is, but I like this statue of him that I found at the Fort Worth Stockyards. It’s placed near the front of the Cowtown Coliseum that I featured yesterday.

The inscription says “… in recognition of Red’s commitment to preserving American, Texas and cowboy heritage …”. Wikipedia indicates he is an actor, musician, poet, and stage performer who focuses on American Western and country music.

I suppose this is just a quick snapshot. But, as I often do, I make multiple images often at different focal lengths and orientations. Small shifts can make a big difference in how the subject is portrayed. That’s one thing that has really changed in my photography since I started as a rank amateur a dozen years ago.

Early on, I found it really difficult to see shots. With practice, that has completely changed, and my difficulty now is to not take too many photographs.

The top image, which obviously focuses on the statue, is at a 53mm equivalent. The next photo gives more of the environmental context, at a 44.4mm equivalent and oriented in landscape. At the widest 22.5mm equivalent, it shows how the statue sits in the environment. By the way, when you look at my blog on a computer (PC or Mac), by hovering over the picture with the pointer, you can see the exposure and equipment details. This is true for almost every photo.

Red Steagall Statue - Fort Worth, Texas
Red Steagall Statue - Fort Worth, Texas

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