Congress Avenue Bridge Looking North

Congress Avenue Bridge Looking North - Austin, Texas

Congress Avenue Bridge Looking North – Austin, Texas

I’m still on the Congress Avenue bridge, in the same spot as yesterday. However, instead of looking east, I’m looking north. You may recognize this scene. Except, instead of shooting at night optimizing my blue hour photos, I tried my hand during the well-lit afternoon. It’s not nearly as dramatic, but it better documents the buildings.

The white structure on the right is the newly renovated LINE hotel, which markedly improved the old Radisson.

There are loads of new skyscrapers built in Austin. But from this vantage point, you don’t see them. The majority of growth has been either east or west of this bridge. Some of the newest towers around Congress Avenue are hidden behind the cluster of buildings on the left. I don’t currently know of any future construction that will significantly alter this view.

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