Rainey Street Towers, Multiplying

Rainey Street Towers - Austin, Texas

Rainey Street Towers – Austin, Texas

I’m on the Congress Avenue bridge, a little south of The LINE hotel, looking east. You see a good view of all the new residential towers in the hottest neighborhood in downtown Austin — Rainey Street. I’ve talked a lot about this area. Mixed between these towers, bungalows converted into bars that form a popular entertainment district.

The skyscraper under construction, center left, is The Quincy, 30-stories tall and topped out. All of the buildings to its right, including The Quincy, reside in the Rainey Street district.

If plans hold, there will be more towers coming, some even taller. The water below is Lady Bird Lake, a dammed river that flows through downtown Austin.

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5 thoughts on “Rainey Street Towers, Multiplying

  1. I recently visit Austin and was surprised to learn that I had never heard of Rainey Street before going. I ended up bar hopping there two nights in a row and visited several of the bars you mentioned in this article. I just loved it and it was so much fun! I also took some photos at night while I was there. Here they are if you are interested in seeing them: https://matthewtrader.com/rainey-street-in-austin-at-night-is-both-mysterious-and-colorful

    1. Hi Matthew, glad you made it over to Rainey Street. You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the area. Thanks for your comment and sharing your photos.

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