The Quincy Topped Out

The Quincy Topped Out - Austin, Texas

The Quincy Topped Out – Austin, Texas

I went to Cesar Chavez Street to make a wide-angle photo of The Quincy, a new development in the Rainey Street area. I featured the apartment building in July when it was only half as tall. With over six months of construction, the 30-story tower has topped out, reaching its maximum height.

This is a good example where my adapted 28mm equivalent Mamiya lens worked well. If I used my 50mm Fuji lens, I can’t capture the entire structure. The shift feature in the adapter ensured an upright building that wasn’t leaning backward. I purposely eased off, however. Making the building completely straight can conversely give it an unnatural look.

There is a downside to using the wide-angle. The other buildings behind The Quincy look pushed back further. That’s what wide-angles do. They increase the distance from front to back. Because of its height and the isolating effects of the lens, this newest Rainey Street tower looks all the more impressive.

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