Unexpected Snow

Snow Covered Park - Austin, Texas

Snow Covered Park – Austin, Texas

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series to bring you a winter scene that is unexpected in Central Texas. In Austin, we get snow once every 4 or 5 years — it’s big news when it happens. Certainly photo-worthy and blog-worthy.

Though we had some hints of possible flurries a couple of days out, the amount was unexpected. The temperatures remained several degrees above freezing all day, but it accumulated on the ground and cars. Even part of the roadways was covered in a slushy mess.

I headed to the park to document with my Fujifilm X-E3 and Fuji 15-45mm lens. In post-production, I opted for black and white to add that abstract touch. Today is part one of a three-part mini-series.

Snow is Austin is always fleeting. I expect all of it will be gone by tomorrow as it climbs into the 40s. By Thursday, we are forecasted to be back up to 70 degrees.

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