Clarity to the Rescue

Snow Covered Holly - Austin, Texas

Honda Clarity in the Garage – Austin, Texas

You may recall that I bought a Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid nearly three years ago. I’ve had a trouble-free experience for the most part. I’m really enjoying the vehicle. Though during the pandemic, I’m not getting out much. During the 32 months of usage, I’ve only driven 15,000 miles.

Unexpectedly, the Clarity really showed its benefits during this great Austin freeze that we are experiencing. All told, we lost electrical power for nearly 3 days. We used the big battery in the car to charge our iPhones and a LED lantern. Unlike a conventional vehicle, where getting power means running the engine and opening up the garage door. I was able to get my electrical juice with the garage door closed. Thus, conserving much-needed heat.

As an added benefit, using the car battery seems to warm up the garage too. At the lowest point, the garage fell to 37.6 degrees. After 3 days of charging, the temperature climbed to 42 degrees. Not a huge amount. But, every bit helps to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

During the 3 days of charging, I used about 1/2 of my electrical reserve. Thankfully, we just got the electrical power restored, at least for now. The house is warming up, and the Clarity is being fully recharged, just in case. There are apparently gasoline shortages now. As an added benefit, once the roads are clear, I’ll be able to run errands without the need for gas too.

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