World of Disney at Night

World of Disney at Night - Anaheim, California

World of Disney at Night – Anaheim, California

As we wrap up the first half of the Disney series, I’m finishing where I started, in front of the World of Disney Store. I posted this photo over 30 days ago, which I made on the first day of the vacation. This means I took all of the Disney photos during the first day and a half of the vacation. Of course, there are a lot more photos that I didn’t show, including family snapshots. Did I mention that I take a lot of pictures?

This night image, with its colorful glow, is even more dynamic than the wide-angle view made during the day time. I figure to make an image stand out, you need some kind of hook. Whether it be rich color or distorted wide-angles. Everyday life, shot in everyday light, tends to make rather dull photos.

Of course, Disney is no dummy when extracting the maximum funds from their customers. After the closing time of their expensive theme parks, they keep their stores open a bit longer, just to entice last-minute shoppers. This picture of their big souvenir store was my last before turning in for the night. And, no, I didn’t buy anything.

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